Independence Day

August 15, 2006

August 17th is Indonesia’s Independence Day.

Merdeka !


Certificate problem solved

August 15, 2006

The certificate problem I had with E61 have been solved earlier this month. The self-signed certificate issued by SBS 2003 can’t be install in E61 “as is”, you have to convert the .cer certificate to .pem using OpenSSL, then convert it to .der, after that put it in the root of your web server and download it from E61 built in web browser. If you do it that way, the certificate will install on the E61 nicely. Now my E61 happily ActiveSync every 30 minutes.

There are quite a few things that makes me not a very productive blogger. The first of all, the internet connection is way to sloooowww here, since I have to do all the blogging things over the web, it takes me so looonnggg just to finish one blog. The other thing is the lack of a desktop blog publishing tool.

But now I have the Windows Live Writer with me, I type this blog with it as a matter of fact, hope this tool makes me a more productive blogger.

Nokia E61 & ActiveSync

June 29, 2006

Spend the full week toying around my new Nokia E61, great smartphone, it can even do ActiveSync. I’ve been using a PocketPC for as long as I can remember, after years of usability, I found that the most important function I need was email, to do list and calendar. After a few high end PocketPC I settled down with iPAQ h1940 and the help from my Motorola V3 RAZR for GPRS connections. Those new convergence device runing W 5.0 didn’t caught my attention because I don’t need much and their prices are a deal spoiler. Enter Nokia E61, it can do what I want it to do with a decent price point. There’s something about the ActiveSync software though, it still not that rock solid but after using PocketPC for that long time I can live with the E61 ActiveSync freezes on me. Just one thing make me unsatisfied, I can’t find the way to install my server certificate to it.

A long title, can’t find a shorter words to express it. Every Exchange server administrator will face this challenge some times. The management will usually restrict most users from sending internet mail, only a few authorized users have the privellege to do so. This is always the standard rules (check this article “Restricting users from Sending and Receiving Internet Mail in Exchange 2003″ on by Mark Fugatt). As time passed by, sometimes the company needs all the users to be able to sent mail to some one else which happens to be in another domain. Unfortunately the administrator have blocked all the outbound mail on the transport level. So… how do we do it ? 

Here’s how to do it :

  • Create a new SMTP Connector to reject all messages by default
  • Place the group of users who will be allowed to sent mail to the specific domain to the accept message from option
  • The most important part, on the address space add that specific domain

And the problem solve once again.

Write me an email if you like to get a step by step how to’s on this.

Internet Explorer 7

May 3, 2006

Just install IE7 this morning and spend the rest of the day testing it. Looks good, feels good, just love it. But like all beta release it still have some minor problems, freeze now and then, overall its a good experience on usability.

Monthly report

April 5, 2006

It’s the 5th of April now, two days past from the monthly report deadline and I still don’t have a clue of what to report.

When your network works just fine then what is it left to report about ? Just a one liner says “Everything operates in a normal states” ??

Same problem every month…