Last Sunday I bought an AD-46 audio connector for my E61. I used mp3 player for playing music in my car, since the E61 also capable to do that why bother carrying two devices.

When I hook up the E61 to my car stereo system I found something strange… Everytime the E61 starts to play a song the song seems to lost its bass, it’ll come out if you slide the volume control. After the particular song finished and change to another song, the bass start to disappear again. So for every single song you have to slide the volume control.

Before I conclude this was the problem of the E61, I try a few experiment. All of the song I copied to my E61 was in AAC+ format, so I change to MP3 format, problems still occurs. Then I use OGGPlay and transfer a few OGG format song to the E61 and play it, the same problem still occurs. Change the bitrate of the song to all possible value, from 256kbps to 32kbps, still the same problem.

So I may conclude that this is a problem of E61, somebody at Nokia please fix it… It’s annoying having to slide the volume everytime.