Problem using Gizmo in E61

September 27, 2006

All E61 owners interested in VoIP should be familiar with this Gizmo setting instruction for E61. I have it set in my E61 for quite sometime but never try to use it waiting for the 3G. Finally I have a chance to try it out yesterday, the 3G signal is full and I go ahead and try to registered.

Nothing happens, it won’t register, my E61 won’t register, try it and try it again, its the same result, what a disappointment.

Maybe my provider do block ports, better check with them before doing more test.


Some of you may have experience some problem with bluetooth headset with the E61 or maybe it’s just me.

I use a Bluetrek S2 bluetooth headset, before upgrading to the new firmware everytime re-pairing I hear no sound at all, the fix to this problem is to turn off and turn back on the E61. Since upgrade the problem happens less frequent but it still happen. Wonder where could be the problem, the headset or the E61.

I’ve abandoned my blog for quite some time, but for me it’s OK. This is a personal thing, I’ll blog when I feel I want to.

Upgraded my E61 firmware, been playing with my E61 a lot lately, upgraded to 3G few days ago, speedy and stable, wish the E61 had HSDPA since it is supported by XL (my provider). The 3G coverage is still limited but its OK for a start.

Got some nice themes from, I’m using the Cataclysm themes right now. I’ve tried to install the SMS messenger from, still can’t get it to install. On the other hand I could get the TiVi up and running, but one problem, I don’t have anybody to call yet.

I’m happy with my E61, the best phone I had to date.