Nokia E61 & ActiveSync

June 29, 2006

Spend the full week toying around my new Nokia E61, great smartphone, it can even do ActiveSync. I’ve been using a PocketPC for as long as I can remember, after years of usability, I found that the most important function I need was email, to do list and calendar. After a few high end PocketPC I settled down with iPAQ h1940 and the help from my Motorola V3 RAZR for GPRS connections. Those new convergence device runing W 5.0 didn’t caught my attention because I don’t need much and their prices are a deal spoiler. Enter Nokia E61, it can do what I want it to do with a decent price point. There’s something about the ActiveSync software though, it still not that rock solid but after using PocketPC for that long time I can live with the E61 ActiveSync freezes on me. Just one thing make me unsatisfied, I can’t find the way to install my server certificate to it.