October 30, 2008

Received the battery this morning and switch on the Blackberry, just love the thing. First thing first, upgrade to the latest OS.

The upgrade still in progress, will let you know later. The next thing is find a good theme, something like the one inside the Bold should do just fine.

Later today will go to my provider to apply for BIS.


The wait…

October 29, 2008

A couple of weeks ago, a friend of mine were going to change his SE P1 to a faster phone, the P1 crawls (literally) compare to other smartphone. He was offer two used phones with great conditions, a Nokia E51 and a Blackberry Curve, and decided to get the E51.

Few days ago, out of curiosity I ask wether the Curve still available, and yes it is. So I ask to have a look at the Curve, it was love at first sight, so I offer to trade in my E61. Story short the deal is done but with a few things that got me going crazy, the Curve is at my hand but the battery is still on its way for out of town, there’s a habit for phone seller here to pull out the battery of the device they going to show, and sometimes they forgot to put it back. So here I am waiting for the battery and just stare at the beautiful Curve…

Payment using mobile phones

November 25, 2006

Just read an article on, Contactless payment comes to mobile phone , yeah it’s awesome. In my opinion, actually any place on earth can make use of this contactless payment in its simplest form, use SMS. Say you want to buy a soda, the vending machine have a special number like 5004 and a LCD for display. You send a blank SMS to 5004, the soda vending machine reply you with a message like “ONE SODA COMING DOWN” and in the same time show in its LCD screen, “SODA FOR 081xxxxxxx”, and drop the soda. Drop dead easy, that’s a good use of mobile technology. Maybe I should patented my vision, LOL.

Last Sunday I bought an AD-46 audio connector for my E61. I used mp3 player for playing music in my car, since the E61 also capable to do that why bother carrying two devices.

When I hook up the E61 to my car stereo system I found something strange… Everytime the E61 starts to play a song the song seems to lost its bass, it’ll come out if you slide the volume control. After the particular song finished and change to another song, the bass start to disappear again. So for every single song you have to slide the volume control.

Before I conclude this was the problem of the E61, I try a few experiment. All of the song I copied to my E61 was in AAC+ format, so I change to MP3 format, problems still occurs. Then I use OGGPlay and transfer a few OGG format song to the E61 and play it, the same problem still occurs. Change the bitrate of the song to all possible value, from 256kbps to 32kbps, still the same problem.

So I may conclude that this is a problem of E61, somebody at Nokia please fix it… It’s annoying having to slide the volume everytime.

Problem using Gizmo in E61

September 27, 2006

All E61 owners interested in VoIP should be familiar with this Gizmo setting instruction for E61. I have it set in my E61 for quite sometime but never try to use it waiting for the 3G. Finally I have a chance to try it out yesterday, the 3G signal is full and I go ahead and try to registered.

Nothing happens, it won’t register, my E61 won’t register, try it and try it again, its the same result, what a disappointment.

Maybe my provider do block ports, better check with them before doing more test.

Some of you may have experience some problem with bluetooth headset with the E61 or maybe it’s just me.

I use a Bluetrek S2 bluetooth headset, before upgrading to the new firmware everytime re-pairing I hear no sound at all, the fix to this problem is to turn off and turn back on the E61. Since upgrade the problem happens less frequent but it still happen. Wonder where could be the problem, the headset or the E61.

I’ve abandoned my blog for quite some time, but for me it’s OK. This is a personal thing, I’ll blog when I feel I want to.

Upgraded my E61 firmware, been playing with my E61 a lot lately, upgraded to 3G few days ago, speedy and stable, wish the E61 had HSDPA since it is supported by XL (my provider). The 3G coverage is still limited but its OK for a start.

Got some nice themes from, I’m using the Cataclysm themes right now. I’ve tried to install the SMS messenger from, still can’t get it to install. On the other hand I could get the TiVi up and running, but one problem, I don’t have anybody to call yet.

I’m happy with my E61, the best phone I had to date.